The Founders

Since January 2004, the former Rolfsmeyer & Rolfsmeyer GbR consisting of the two brothers Marco and Jan Bastian - together with their family - has built up a small medium-sized company that specializes in the mail order business of high-quality photo albums, spiral albums, screw albums, photo books and guest books. In this segment, we have made a very good name for ourselves throughout Europe due to seriousness and reliability. At this point we would like to say thank you to our family, who are pursuing the vision of our project with us.

Since February 2005, the successful cooperation with the sole proprietorship ART Creativ Löhne, represented by Sigrid Rolfsmeyer and Jutta Wehmeyer, has been taking over the individual photo album design for us. If you are interested, we would be happy to make an offer for your photo album design or you can visit the craft shop

Since October 2006, Jan Rolfsmeyer has been solely responsible for the online shops and after successfully completing his university studies in business administration at the state-recognised, private technical college for medium-sized companies (FHM) in Bielefeld.

Since July 2007, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Bamberg manufacturer goldbuch - one of the best-known manufacturers of photo albums in Germany - the new exclusive collection has been integrated into the online shop Fotoalbumshop and we are now proud to offer more than 5,000 different photo albums.

Since March 2008, the Amazon Marketplace Shop has developed into a solid pillar with a positive trend. In the coming years, Amazon will be one of the best companies in Germany.

Since November 2009 we have opened the online shop for the Netherlands. In the Dutch photo album shop you will find the photo albums you are used to, but you only pay the domestic shipping costs and you have customer service in the national languages.

Since May 2010, the online shop Fotoalbumshop has been operating as an independent GmbH and handles the operative business as INAGRO GmbH.

The company has continued to expand since June 2011 and the photo album shop can now also be reached in English-speaking countries. offers over 4,000 different products for the UK.

Since January 2012, our location in Löhne in Westphalia – the self-proclaimed metropolis of kitchens – has grown with a lot of technology and production to over 10,000 stationery products in stock. In addition, to strengthen the Fotoalbumshop brand, the Fotoalbumblog will be further expanded at This Wordpress blog offers the interested reader technical knowledge, great moments for eternity as well as tips and tricks for creating your own photo album.

Since January 2020, Antje Rolfsmeyer and her team around Yvonne Hartleb, Jutta Wehmeyer and Anna Schildmann have been managing the online shop. Over the years, the online shop has further consolidated itself in the niche for traditional photo albums to be glued in and written on. The individualization of the photo albums is being used more and more, so that the customer service from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. has become of elementary importance.

Janis Bahre has been taking over the photo album shop since May 2023 and will continue to maintain and expand the shop.

The idea of ​​online sales of photo albums

As a family business, we have specialized in online sales and the design of high-quality photo albums. The idea of ​​starting an online shop that offers professional solutions in the field of creative photo album design came about almost by accident.
In the preparation phase for our parents' silver wedding, it led our family to a renowned photographer in the region. He could only offer us two different photo albums from the quality manufacturer goldbuch for stylish storage of the photos - an offer that we thought could not be all. So we contacted the Bamberg manufacturer directly to be able to benefit from a larger selection of photo albums. The first contact with goldbuch showed that the manufacturer was not yet represented in the e-commerce sector - as it turned out, a real opportunity for us. The manufacturer gave us a free hand and allowed us to be the first online shop to officially sell the goldbuch brand on the Internet. The idea of ​​ was born. Over time, other manufacturers became aware of us, so that other brands could also be successfully implemented in the photo album shop in addition to goldbuch. So today we are able to offer our customers a wide range of products and a comprehensive service in the field of photo album design.

We not only have photo albums in the form of photo books, spiral albums or screw albums ready for our customers. You can also find suitable guest books, poetry albums, diaries or notebooks at in a large selection and in the best quality. Anyone who does not have the time or desire to stick recordings of special moments into a photo album themselves and thus create an incomparable souvenir will benefit from our special photo album design service. This is how we create custom-made albums according to the individual wishes of our customers - for every requirement and every occasion.

creation of our idea

We are a creative photo album shop specializing in the distribution and design of high-quality photo albums. Photo albums include photo books, spiral albums and screw albums. Not to be forgotten are the appropriate guest books, poetry albums, diaries and friend books. school supplies and stationery.

For years it was always a nuisance for us when beautiful photos were taken on various occasions, which then disappeared in a box or in a drawer. Grandmother's photos also lay around carelessly in the closet.
Most of the time you don't have the time or the inclination to stick photos into a photo album or even to design them.

That's why we took this topic as an opportunity to offer you our service in the form of creative photo album design.

Have you kept photos - including old souvenir photos - in drawers or boxes?

In that case we are the right contact for you!